Top 5 Best Battery Saver Apps For Android 2017

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Top 5 Best Battery Saver Apps For Android 2017

Hello Guys, Many Smartphone eats a lot of battery powers. you can’t able to use your smartphone for gaming, calling, social networking, photographing, etc as to you using your smartphones.Although these smartphones have so many great features they always remain on the downside in battery backup area. We have a list of Top 5 Best Battery Saver Apps For Android 2017.

Whenever we think of buying a smartphone, we take care of what features are there in that Android smartphone. How is the camera Is 3G or 4G? How is Battery Backup? And know how to work hard to buy smartphones with features. But still, some defect comes out and we got sucked ….. so don’t worry we got that Which is the biggest battery backup that we have brought for you Best Battery Saving Apps For Android 2017.

okay!!!  We don’t waste your time and I tell you the list Android Battery Saving Apps 2017.

List Of Top 5 Best Battery Saver Apps For Android 2017.

Top No. 01 – DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver is a FREE battery saving app that makes your battery last longer and best android app for saving battery power. DU Battery  Saver Fix your smartphone and increase your battery power.

Features :- 

  • Increase battery power.
  • fix heating problems while gaming.
  • click optimization.
  • optimized performance.
  • Change CPU Frequency (for rooted phone)

Top No. 02 – Battery Doctor (Power Saver)

Battery Doctor is a FREE battery saving app. Our special 1-tap optimization feature stops power-consuming apps with a single tap.

 Features :-

  • One Click Optimize
  • Best performance for saving battery.
  • full control on power draining apps
  • smart use of battery
  • screen widgets

Top No. 03 – Power Battery – Battery Life Saver & Health Test

Power Battery as a professional battery saver app for Android smartphones & Tablets. Power Battery manages your battery life of the Android phone. This App 100% free battery saver for android phones.

Features :-

  • Power saver, Monitoring, & Draining Detection.
  • memory manager
  • Customize power saver modes.
  • power protection.
  • running app optimizer

Top No. 04 – GO Battery Saver & Power Widget

GO Battery Saver & Power Widget world another best app for battery saver for android.  It’s capable of extending your Android battery life.

Features :-

  • power saving mode
  • smart saving mode
  • toggle controls
  • power testing
  • one click optimize
  • healthy charging Maintenance
  Top No. 05 – 360 Battery – Battery Saver & Phone Cooler
360 Battery Saver Smart Battery Saver, Adjust draining, disable and unnecessary apps that drain your battery.This App 100% free battery saver for android phones. capable of extending your Android battery life.
 Features: – 
  • One tap battery saver
  • power saving mode
  • smart power saving mode
  • junk files cleaner
  • battery power calculation.

So Guys Here is Top 5 Best Battery Saver Apps For Android 2017. and also you will try out these apps for your Android smartphones and be saving more than battery life. These Android apps for saving Battery, Fixing Heating Problems, junk files problems, performance, optimization etc. 

And Guys !!!! If you any kind types of problems and suggestions just comment below.  and keep visiting again for more exciting top best lists.

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