Best Top 5 ROOT Apps for Android Smartphone 2017

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Best Top 5 ROOT Apps for Android Smartphone 2017

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Many Smartphone Company has best android smartphone with amazing features. So you find out some android root apps for your smartphones. and we find out latest new root apps for android lists for you. these apps works with all type of android smartphones! but you get rooted that. 

Why You Root Your Android Smartphones? 

Sometimes you see that your smartphones have hagging problems, processing is too slow, poor battery life, heat problems, and many some touch with you unrooted android smartphone. So If you root your phone then you unlocking your smartphone performance and speed, battery life, high-speed processing, and use also android rooted apps. 

Android Rooted Apps able to you modifying your smartphones Like you want. Like you change your android boot screen, use vpn apps, playing rooted android games. 

SO Here are The Best Top 5 ROOT Apps for Android Smartphone 2017

Top – 05 – FlashFire

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FlashFire is most popular apps in android rooted smartphones. Using this you will be flash firmware flasher available for rooted Android devices.It can flash full firmware packages from various manufacturers, as well as apply over-the-air (OTA) and ZIP updates – all while maintaining root, and without using a custom recovery. FlashFire is an extremely powerful application, it should be used with caution. Data loss, soft-bricks, and even hard-bricks are possible if used incorrectly. Unless you are an expert user, consult FlashFire‘s website and the XDA discussion thread before doing anything potentially destructive.

Download FlashFire Pro APK: FlashFire PRO

Top – 04 – BootAnimation for Superuser

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A boot animation is the loading animation that is played when your device starts up. Choose from hundreds of custom load animations to install to your rooted device. Root access is required and your device must be compatible to install custom boot animations.

Top – 03 – FontFix

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FontFix provides you install fonts on your android smartphones and you able to change your android fonts.

Download FontFix Pro APk: FontFix PRO

Top – 02 – Custom Navigation Bar

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Get Android O’s navbar customization feature right now on your Android N device! This app allows you to add custom buttons to your existing navigation bar. No root required!

– Add custom buttons to your navigation bar
– Customizable navbar layout
– Tasker integration for contextual navbar
– Easy to setup
– No root or xposed required *

Download Custom Navigation Bar Pro APK: Custom Navigation Bar Pro

Top – 01 – Substratum Theme Engine

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Substratum REQUIRES root, or else it will not function! HOWEVER, if you’re running on an OMS-based ROM or a Samsung device with Nougat and above then Substratum will run on rootless mode!

Theme Engine Support:
  • Stock Marshmallow (RRO): Rooted Device, noexposures/themes may look weird.
  • Stock Nougat (RRO): Rooted Device, no exposures/themes maylook weird.
  • Custom Marshmallow (OMS): Requires a custom ROM withmasquerade installed!
  • Custom Nougat (OMS): Requires a custom ROM with interfacerinstalled!
  • Stock Samsung Nougat (RRO): Just install this and boom,full support!
  • Stock Oreo (OMS): Grab and download this addon, afterwatching the addon’s video on the listing!
 Final Words:
These are Best Apps For Rooted Android so you will use this apps for modifying your smartphones with android root apps.

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