TinyMCE Advance Fail to Load Problem Fixed WordPress Plugin

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TinyMCE Advance Fail to Load Problem Fixed WordPress Plugin

Some time ago I have facing problem with the tinymce wordpress plugin. I try to solve this problem and many kinds of methods but I got the same error more time. And I had such a condition that I could not post anything to my site. So I went to find the saloon so that if you had such problems then you could solve this problem with these methods. 

TinyMCE getting errors like Fail to load That means that your plugin is not loading with your wordpress site.

So, Guys, I have the solution for that tinymce error. I show you a screenshot for you. 

In this error tinymce visual editor, not show toolbar while you posting your content and you not applicable to modify your tags, title, text size, not showing tinymce menu bar etc.

Lets That TinyMCE Fail To Load Error Problem Fixed

First Here some screenshot of that problem error.


And Here another problem with tinymce error screenshot. Some time not showing tinymce menu bar.


So these kinds of problems … Now Here the solution.

Follow My Steps TinyMCE Advance Fail to Load Problem Fixed WordPress Plugin:

  • Login Your WP site Dashboard (wp-admin panel)
  • Go to “Plugins” and Deactivated and then delete Tinymce advance.
  • Then go to here download manually TinyMCE
  • Then Go “Plugins” > “”NEW > “Upload” download tinymce.zip file and click on Activate this plugin.
  • Then Go to “Settings” > “TinyMCE Advanced” and click check all checkbox ON 
  • click “Save Changes”. That’s all.

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