Youtube Launched New Youtube Studio Beta Feature Review

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Youtube Launched New Youtube Studio Beta Feature Review

Hello, guys If you are a Youtuber then there is a new news for you that YouTube has just launched a new feature called YouTube Studio Beta.

Let’s talk about it and know about this new feature.

As you know, YouTube takes its new look and rules from a lot of time, as recently as YouTube can monetize your channel after Total 10,000 Views or 1000 Subscribers, it means that 10, Your YouTube videos will be an AIDS show only after 000 views or 1000 subscribers. And many such rules were applied by youtube.

But now YouTube has added a new feature which is a YouTube studio Beta.

This is quite different in appearance and if you are a youth, you can easily do it because you have to have a YouTube channel for it.

Here is the New Looks of Youtube Studio Beta Features

As you are seeing in this screenshot, this is a YouTube studio beta that looks like the YouTube Dashboard, which is a new feature of YouTube. However, its old dashboard has to be seen. This is slightly different from that.

As you are seeing this screenshot, this is the old YouTube Creator Studio dashboard that used to have your videos, live streaming, and some of your YouTube channels settings.

But now you will find something new on the new YouTube Dashboard. In this you will see your Total Videos, Analytics, comments feature.

How to Use This New Latest Feature Youtube Studio Beta:

  • First, you need to log in your youtube account.
  • then click on here for youtube studio beta feature.
  • and you see new looks on youtube channel dashboard of your youtube channel.
  • enjoy!!! with this feature. 😀 

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